Our products are available through various model replica dealers. Please check with your favorite dealer about purchasing our products. If your dealer does not carry these items, encourage them to contact us about becoming a Top Shelf Replicas dealer. You can also visit the Links page for dealers.

Die Cast Model Trucks and Trailers

We have a line of 1/64 scale die cast model trucks and trailers which continues to grow. Most of the models are classic models of trucks built before the 1990. Some of our licensed products include an International 4300, a Mack F 700, the Ford Louisville line, and a Wilson livestock trailer.

1/64 scale International 4300
1/64 scale International 4300. Details include an opening hood and steerable front axle.

Die Cast Model Farm Equipment

We have a variety of 1/64 and 1/32 scale die cast models. These tractors are highly detailed tractors for the collector. Some of our past tractors include a 1/64 scale Versatile 1150, Ford Versatile 1156, Big Bud 525/50, and a 1/32 scale Big Bud.

1/32 scale Big Bud
1/32 scale Big Bud produced for Toy Tractor Times. This model includes an opening grill screen, an opening hood, and a tilt cab.

Resin Model Trucks

Our 1/64 resin model trucks are mainly classic models and are limited in numbers produced. By using resin, we can produce models that are not in high enough demand for a die cast product, yet fill that niche market of a nice 1/64 scale product. Some of our licensed products include an International RDFC-405, a Mack H model, and a Brockway model. These are extremely high detailed and include many delicate parts.

1/64 scale Brockway 761
1/64 scale Brockway 761. This model is made out of resin, and has photo etched and plated chrome resin.

Resin Model Farm Equipment

We have the capability of producing resin and short run farm equipment. Most of these have been produced for companies that use them internally and are not for sale. Special event models is another option in this area.

1/32 scale Massey 1150
1/32 scale Massey produced for the 2015 Lafayette Farm Toy Show.

Scenery Material

Something new for the diorama builder is scenery material. We now manufacture 1/64 scale scenery material with an agricultural focus. Items include young corn plants, green plants with a tassel, brown corn ready to harvest, soybeans, harvested bean field mats, and hay bales. We continue to add more products as time allows. If you have an idea for a product, feel free to contact us, and we can check into the feasibility of production.

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